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reliance gsm delhi ncr recharge plans

Reliance GSM Delhi NCR Std Recharge Call Rate Cutters,Special Offers

Here is the list of Reliance GSM Delhi NCR STD Recharge plans and Packs for low STD call rates. This Reliance GSM STD packs reduce your call charges over STD Calls to other states of Delhi NCR for December,2016.

using Reliance GSM Std recharge plans you can call to other states of India at low call rates to other mobile networks as well as Reliance GSM network at low call rates.

Reliance Gsm Std Recharge Plans Of Delhi Ncr

This are not reliance gsm Isd Plans, Get here reliance gsm Isd Plans for delhi ncr .

Reliance Gsm Std Plans & Call Rate Cutters for Delhi Ncr

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs3 Same Day - Local,
Local Reliance Call @15p/min
Reliance Gsm USSD *129*03# | Available only on self activation
Rs8 1 day - Local,
All Mobile calls 30p/min
Rs9 1 day - Local,
Local Onnet unlimited calls | Note: Please reconfirm price and benefit with customer care. There is another duplicate recharge with same price."
Rs15 14 days - Local,
All Mobile Call 50p/min
Rs16 3 days - Local,
All Mobile call 30p/min
Rs17 Same day - Local,
Unlimited Mobile local calls to Reliance numbers
Rs19 28 days - Local,
LON Mobile calls @15p/min Other Local Mobile calls @55p/min
Rs21 2 days - Local,Std Plans,
Local and STD Reliance Mobile calls @ 10p/min
Rs29 4 days - Local,Night,
UL R - R local (Night 11 - 6)
Rs32 5 days - Local,Std Plans,
ALL local + STD Calls - 50 minutes free for 5 days
Rs33 21 days - Local,
Local Mobile calls @ 30p/min
Rs35 3 days 35 Full Talktime,Local,Night, Reliance Gsm Recharge of Rs.35 gives 35 Talktime.
Promo Talktime 35 + 5 local Reliance to Reliance night minutes for 1 day (Night minutes from 11 PM to 6 AM)
Rs41 28 days - Local,
All Local Mobile calls at 20p/min for first 170 mins post which at 50p/min
Rs44 28 days - Local,
All Local Mobile calls @ 30p/min
Rs45 75 days - Local,
Local Reliance Call @15p/min
Rs46 1 Night - 2G Plans,3G Plans,Local,Night,
1 GB 3G/2G Night Data + Unlimited local Reliance calls (00:00 and 06:00 hours)
Rs48 7 days - Local,
Local Rel-Rel - 120 mins
Rs49 3 days - Local,
Unlimited free calling to any Local Reliance number
Rs53 28 days - Local,Std Plans,Roaming,
All Mobile (local & STD) calls while at Home & Roaming at 40p/min & free Incoming calls while roaming
Rs59 - 48.3 Topup,Local, Reliance Gsm Recharge of Rs.59 gives 48.3 Talktime.
Daily 1 minute free for 30 days
Rs63 45 days 50 Topup,Local,Night, On Reliance Gsm Recharge of Rs.63 you get 50 Talktime.
Promo TT Rs.50 for 45 days + 25 Local Reliance to Reliance night minute for 2 days (11 PM-6 AM)
Rs64 7 days - Local,Std Plans,
115 local + STD minutes for 7 days
Rs69 8 days 69 Full Talktime,Local,Night, On Reliance Gsm Recharge of Rs.69 you get 69 Talktime.
5 Local Reliance Night Minutes
Rs86 28 days 20 Local,Std Plans,Topup, Reliance Gsm Recharge of Rs.86 gives 20 Talktime.
All Mobile calls (Local + STD) @35p/min + Promo Talk time of Rs.20
Rs88 7 days - Local,Std Plans,
Local and STD Reliance calls @ 10p/min
Rs94 14 days - Local,
Local Reliance 350 minutes
Rs109 14 days - Local,Std Plans,
200 local + STD minutes for 14 days
Rs117 45 days 100 Topup,Local,Night, Reliance Gsm Recharge of Rs.117 gives 100 Talktime.
Promo TT Rs.100 for 45 days + 5 Local Reliance to Reliance night minute for 1 days (11 PM-6 AM)
Rs128 90 days - Local,Std Plans,Roaming,
All local STD 40p/min in Home/Roaming area and Roaming incoming free
Rs147 28 days - Local,
800 Local Reliance Mins
Rs148 28 days - Local,Std Plans,
270 local+STD minutes free for 28 days
Rs195 14 days - Local,
Unlimited Local Reliance calls for 14 days
Rs299 28 days - Local,
2000 mins of Local reliance to Reliance free after that 10p/min
Rs595 28 days - 3G Plans,Local,
5GB 3G DATA and Unlimited Onnet local calls
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