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BSNL Uttar Pradesh East Roaming Packs, Plans, Special offers

BSNL Roaming plans for Uttar Pradesh East. BSNL National and BSNL International Roaming offers and special recharge packs. Now cut your BSNL roaming call rates and Sms rates on national and International for January, 2018.

BSNL National Roaming recharge Plans helped you to call at low rates in ohter states of Indea and BSNL International Roaming Plans Helps you to cut down your call rates, sms rates and 3G, 4G data plans rates when your are in other countries. Call Low call rates when you are in abroad using BSNL mobile network

Bsnl Roaming Packs Of Uttar Pradesh East

Bsnl Roaming packs & Others for Uttar Pradesh East

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs5 1 Day - 2G Plans ,3G Plans ,Night , 2G/3G Data @9paise/MB (02-00hrs to 6-00 Hrs)
Rs34 6 Days - Roaming , All outgoing calls local/std 70p/min while in roaming
Rs36 180 Days - Validity , PerSec_36
Rs36 180 Days - Plan , PerSec_36
Rs37 180 Days - Validity , Validity extension: PerMin_37
Rs37 180 Days - Plan , Plan: PerMin_37
Rs39 27 Days - Local ,Std Plans ,Sms Packs ,Roaming , Local at 39p/min and STD at 49p/min. SMS 39p/sms and roaming outgoing calls at 49p/min
Rs43 30 Days Rs9 Local ,Std Plans ,Night ,Topup , 300 Minutes Local and STD Call on BSNL Network (11PM to 6AM)
Rs46 2 Days - 2G Plans ,3G Plans ,Night , 1 GB 2G/3G Data free and beyond freebies volume based charging 5paisa/MB from 2-00 hrs to 6-00hrs.
Rs49 30 Days Rs11 Local ,Std Plans ,Night ,Topup , Local or STD Onnet Night at 0.05 per Min
Rs63 28 Days - 2G Plans ,3G Plans ,Night , 2G/3G Data @9paise/MB (02-00hrs to 6-00 Hrs)
Rs75 180 Days - Validity , Validity extension: Pyari Jodi 75
Rs75 180 Days - Plan , Plan: Pyari Jodi 75
Rs77 28 Days - Roaming , OG(Local and STD) while in roaming at 70paisa per min
Rs82 30 Days Rs20 Local ,Std Plans ,Night ,Topup , 800 Minutes Local And STD Call on BSNL Network (11PM to 6AM)
Rs91 30 Days - Roaming , Free OG Voice Calls 120minutes on any network in Roaming and Free SMS 40SMS on any network in Roaming
Rs96 365 Days - Validity , Validity Extension: Data_bundle_96
Rs96 365 Days - Plan , Plan Migration: Data_bundle_96 | 0.5 GB data with validity of 30 days from date of activation
Rs97 90 Days - Plan , FAF STV
Rs99 30 Days - Validity , Validity extension: Jai_Jawan_99
Rs99 30 Days - Plan , Plan: Jai_Jawan_99
Rs121 30 Days - Local ,Std Plans ,Night , 1800 mins local or STD onnet night(11PM to 6AM)
Rs136 730 Days - Validity , Freedom_136_validity-extension
Rs136 730 Days - Plan , Freedom_136_migration
Rs146 30 Days Rs25 Local ,Std Plans ,Night ,Topup , 1800 Minutes Local And STD Call on BSNL Network (11PM to 6AM)
Rs178 17 Days - 2G Plans ,3G Plans ,Other , 1 GB 2G/3G Data And 70 Free TV Channels by M s P.K.Online | Note: Please reconfirm price and benefit with customer care. There is another duplicate recharge with same price.
Rs199 180 Days - Validity , Validity extension: Roam_Free_199
Rs199 180 Days - Plan , Plan: Roam_Free_199
Rs222 28 Days - Local ,Std Plans ,Sms Packs ,Roaming , Local OnNET at 10p per min Local OffNET at 30p per min STD at 49p per min SMS(Local and National)at 25p Roaming OG at 49p per min
Rs666 180 Days - Validity , BSNL_SIXER_666_validity-extension
Rs666 180 Days - Plan , PV-666 BSNL SIXER: Unlimited data (Speed reduced to 80 Kbps after 2GB/day) + Unlimited voice calls for 60 days. | After 60 days: ALL calls (Local/STD) (On-net/Off-net) @ 50 Paisa/Minute | SMS (while in Home And National Roaming): Local @25 Paisa/SMS, National @35 Paisa/SMS | All other charges As per Per Minute plan
Rs3099 60 Days - 2G Plans ,3G Plans ,Local ,Std Plans ,Roaming , 15 GB 2G/3G Data | Unlimited Onnet Voice calls with Roaming + 500 Min offnet calls with roaming.
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