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BSNL 3G Plans, 3G Dongle plans, 3G Data card Plans ,Packs, Offers

Prepaid BSNL 3g plans & packs for BSNL includes 3g packs,offers and special recharges to browse High speed Internet. Below is the list of BSNL's 3g internet packs in Rajasthan December,2016. updated with latest BSNL 3g Plans of Rajasthan information every day .

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Bsnl 3g Recharge Plans Of Rajasthan

Bsnl 3g Recharge Plans & Packs , Offers for Rajasthan

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs4 1 day
20MB 2G/3G Data
Rs5 1 day
2G/3G Data @9paise/MB (02-00hrs to 6-00 Hrs)
Rs14 1 day
110 MB 2G/3G
Rs31 3 days
150 MB
Rs39 5 days
200 MB 2G/3G
Rs56 21 days
250 MB 2G/3G
Rs68 1 day
1GB 2G/3G Data | Note: Please reconfirm price and benefit with customer care. There is another duplicate recharge with same price."
Rs98 14 days
650 MB 2G/3G
Rs103 5 days
Free data 1GB and 140+ Channels provided by M s Digivive Services Pvt Ltd
Rs125 30 days
Free 177 minutes anynet (local/STD/On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA | Free data 200MB available in Home LSA and while Roaming | Free SMS100 (local/National/On-net/Off-net) available in Home LSA and while Roaming"
Rs155 15 days
1 GB 2G/3G | Charges after free usage: 3ps/10KB
Rs156 10 days
2 GB 2G/3G data
Rs179 17 days
1 GB 2G/3G Data and No.of Free TV Channels equel to all Channels provided by Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd
Rs182 17 days
1GB 2G/3G Data and 50 Free TV Channels by M s Apalya Technology
Rs198 28 days
1 GB 2G/3G Data
Rs239 14 days Bsnl Recharge of Rs.239 gives 80 Talktime.
1 GB 2G/3G | Charges after free usage: 3ps/10KB
Rs291 28 days
2.2 GB 2G/3G data
Rs399 30 days
Data Unlimited | Speed 80Kbps after 2GB
Rs444 60 days
2 GB 2G/3G data
Rs451 60 days Bsnl Recharge of Rs.451 gives 80 Talktime.
2 GB 2G/3G | Charges after free usage: 3ps/10KB
Rs549 30 days
10 GB 2G/3G Data
Rs561 60 days
5 GB 2G/3G data
Rs629 30 days
Data Unlimited | Speed 80Kbps after 3GB
Rs821 60 days
6 GB 2G/3G data
Rs1099 60 days
Unlimited 2G/3G Data without speed restriction
Rs1402 30 days Bsnl Recharge of Rs.1402 gives 1402 Talktime.
Rs.1402 Usage value in main account + All national voice calls @0.9 paisa/sec | 250 MB data | 250 SMS any net
Rs1949 90 days
21 GB 2G/3G data
Rs2399 60 days
Data Unlimited. Speed 80Kbps after 16GB
Rs3099 60 days
15 GB 2G/3G Data + Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming onnet O/G voice calls and 500 minutes free Local/STD/Roaming off-net O/G voice calls"
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