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BSNL Gujarat Std Recharge Call Rate Cutters,Special Offers

Here is the list of BSNL Gujarat STD Recharge plans and Packs for low STD call rates. This BSNL STD packs reduce your call charges over STD Calls to other states of Gujarat for December,2016.

using BSNL Std recharge plans you can call to other states of India at low call rates to other mobile networks as well as BSNL network at low call rates.

Bsnl Std Recharge Plans Of Gujarat

This are not bsnl Isd Plans, Get here bsnl Isd Plans for gujarat .

Bsnl Std Plans & Call Rate Cutters for Gujarat

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs28 30 days - Local,Std Plans,
Local/ STD Rs. 1/ 3min on BSNL Network and Rs. 1.20 /3 min on other network
Rs30 1 day - Local,Std Plans,
72 Min Local/STD Any-Net
Rs42 21 days - Local,Std Plans,
For Per Sec Plan: 1ps/3secs for On-Net voice calls (Local/STD) 2ps/3 secs for Off-Net voice calls (Local/STD). | Applicable to Per Second Plan only"
Rs44 25 days - Local,
Local call any-net calls @1.4p/2 sec
Rs45 30 days 9 Topup,Local,Std Plans,Night, On Bsnl Recharge of Rs.45 you get 9 Talktime.
300 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night
Rs47 21 days - Local,
Local onnet calls @ 20ps/min
Rs48 30 days 11 Local,Std Plans,Night,Topup, On Bsnl Recharge of Rs.48 you get 11 Talktime.
Local or STD Onnet Night at 0.05 per Min and Rs.11 usage value
Rs61 8 days - Local,Std Plans,
5600 Sec Local or STD to any network
Rs63 4 days - Local,
20000 local onnet seconds | Note: Please reconfirm price and benefit with customer care. There is another duplicate recharge with same price."
Rs65 27 days - Local,
STV voice local onnet at 15 paisa per mins for 27 days
Rs69 30 days - Local,
Local call-any net at 1p per 2 sec
Rs71 28 days 15 Local,Topup, Bsnl Recharge of Rs.71 gives 15 Talktime.
Rs15 usage value plus All local call anynet at 30p per min for 28 days
Rs82 30 days 20 Local,Std Plans,Night,Topup, On Bsnl Recharge of Rs.82 you get 20 Talktime.
800 Minutes Local or STD Onnet Night and Rs.20 usage value
Rs88 48 days - Local,Std Plans,
For Per Min Plan: a. Local/STD On-Net voice calls @10ps/min b. Local/STD Off-Net voice calls @30ps/min For Per Sec Plan : (a) On-net voice calls @1p/3sec (b) Off-net voice calls @2p/3sec"
Rs89 30 days - Local,Std Plans,Sms Packs,
Local and STD on net at 20p/minute, Local off net at 30p/minute | 100 Local or National SMS
Rs122 75 days - Local,
Local any net 1.4P per 2Sec
Rs125 30 days - Local,Std Plans,2G Plans,3G Plans,Sms Packs,
Free 177 minutes anynet | 200MB 2G/3G Data | SMS 100 anynet
Rs135 28 days - Local,Std Plans,
275 min to any network (Local/STD)
Rs146 30 days 25 Local,Std Plans,Night,Topup, On Bsnl Recharge of Rs.146 you get 25 Talktime.
1800 Minutes Local or STD Onnet Night and Rs.25 usage value
Rs159 30 days - Local,Std Plans,
20300 Sec Local or STD calls to any network
Rs164 5 days - Local,Std Plans,
Unlimited Local plus STD onnet calls
Rs209 90 days 25 Local,Topup, Bsnl Recharge of Rs.209 gives 25 Talktime.
Local Call Anynet at 1 ps per 2 sec
Rs344 24 days - Local,
UNLIMITED Local Onnet free
Rs359 60 days - Local,Std Plans,
52000 Sec Local or STD to any network
Rs395 90 days - Local,Std Plans,
1200 Min Local/STD calls to any network
Rs449 84 days - Local,Std Plans,
1400 min Local or STD to any network
Rs574 27 days - Local,Std Plans,
Unlimited Local On-net call & 500 Min free Local/STD calls Anynet
Rs699 28 days - Local,Std Plans,
Rs894 81 days - Local,
Unlimited Local OnNet calls
Rs1402 30 days 1402 Full Talktime,Local,Std Plans,2G Plans,3G Plans,Sms Packs, Bsnl Recharge of Rs.1402 gives 1402 Talktime.
Rs.1402 Usage value in main account + All national voice calls @0.9 paisa/sec | 250 MB data | 250 SMS any net
Rs1494 81 days - Local,Std Plans,
Unlimited Local Onnet call and 1500 Min free Local or STD calls Any net
Rs3099 30 days - 2G Plans,3G Plans,Local,Std Plans,Roaming,
15 GB free data and Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming onnet O/G voice calls plus 500 minutes free Local/STD/Roaming offnet O/G voice calls"
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