airtel north east recharge plans

Airtel North East Isd Plans & Call Rate Cutters,Special Offers

Airtel ISD recharge plans of North East, you can cut down your ISD call rates by using these plans.Airtel ISD offers to reduce your call cost over International calls when you make calls for USA, UK, London, UAE, Malaysia, and other countries. This Airtel ISD special offers of rate cutters to make low ISD Call rates for January, updated this plans regularly Airtel offer on ISD call rate for North East circle.

Airtel Isd Recharge Plans Of North East

Airtel ISD Plans & Call Rate Cutters for North East

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs36 27 Days - ISD , ISD pack BANGLADESH 1.99/min BERMUDA 2.99/min BHUTAN 5.99/min CANADA 1.49/min DOMINICA REP 5/min GUAM 2.99/min MALAYSIA 3.49/min NEPAL 5.99/min ROMANIA 5.99/min RUSSIA 7.49/min SAIPAN 2.49/min SAUDI ARABIA 7.49/min SINGAPORE 1.49/min THAILAND 3.49/min U.K. 1.49/min USA 1.49/min
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