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Airtel Chennai Isd Plans & Call Rate Cutters,Special Offers

Airtel ISD recharge plans of Chennai, you can cut down your ISD call rates by using these plans. Airtel ISD offers to reduce your call cost over International calls when you make calls for USA, UK, London, UAE, Malaysia, and other countries. This Airtel ISD special offers of rate cutters to make low ISD Call rates for December, updated this plans regularly Airtel offer on ISD call rate for Chennai circle.

Airtel Isd Recharge Plans Of Chennai

Airtel ISD Plans & Call Rate Cutters for Chennai

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs14 28 days - ISD,
Nepal/Srilanka at 10ps/sec Saudi at 11Ps/sec UAE/Kuwait at 12ps/sec Yemen at 15ps/sec
Rs22 28 days - ISD,
Singapore at 2ps/Sec and Malaysia at 3ps/sec
Rs24 28 days - ISD,
ISD Pack- US/Can@Rs1/min + more
Rs39 28 days - ISD,
USA and Canada at 1ps/Sec for applicable codes
Rs135 30 days - ISD,
20 Minutes to Nepal
Rs152 30 days - ISD,
60 ISD Minutes to 33 Countries | Argentina Fixed, Australia Fixed, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil Fixed, Canada, China, Czech Fixed, Denmark Fixed, France Fixed, Germany Fixed, Greece Fixed, Hong Kong, Ireland Fixed, Italy Fixed, Malaysia, Mexico Fixed, Moro
Rs779 7 days 779 ISD,Roaming,Full Talktime, On Airtel Recharge of Rs.779 you get 779 Talktime.
International Roaming Outgoing Rs 40/Min and Incoming Rs 30/Min, Applicable only on selected countries and Operators.
Rs997 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
IR Pack - 30mins Free incoming. Thereafter charged Incoming @Rs19/min, Outgoing@Rs39/min, Data@39p/10KB, Rs15/SMS
Rs998 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
IR Pack - 30MB data Free. Thereafter charged @39p/10kb, Outgoing@Rs39/min,Incoming@Rs19/min, Rs15/SMS
Rs1479 15 days 1479 ISD,Roaming,Full Talktime, Airtel Recharge of Rs.1479 gives 1479 Talktime.
IR Pack: Outgoing Rs 30/min and Incoming Rs 20/min. Applicable only on selected countries and Operators
Rs2849 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
Singapore Smartpack: 3GB data | Unlimited incoming | 299min India calls | Tariff; Calls to India/Local: Rs10/m, Intl.calls:Rs39/m | SMS;Rs10 | Data;Rs10/MB"
Rs2899 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
Thailand Smartpack: 1GB+Unlimited incomings+299min India calls,30Days | Tariff;Calls to India/Local;Rs10/min, Intl.calls;Rs39, SMS;Rs10, Data;Rs10/MB"
Rs4549 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
UAE Smartpack: 3GB+100min incoming+399min India calls | Tariff;Incoming;Rs10/m,Call to India/Local;Rs10/m,Intl.calls;Rs39/m, SMS; Rs10/SMS, Data;Rs10/MB"
Rs5149 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
UK Smartpack : 3GB+Unlimited incoming+399min calls to India, 30Days | Tariff; Call to India/Local;Rs10/m, Intl.calls;Rs39/m, SMS;Rs10, Data;Rs10/MB"
Rs5699 30 days - ISD,Roaming,
USA Smartpack: 3GB+Unlimited Incoming +399min calls to India, 30Days | Tariff;Call to India/local;Rs10/m, Intl.calls;Rs39/m, SMS;Rs10, Data;Rs10/MB"
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