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Airtel 2G plans for Assam , Internet Packs, Offers

Get the latest Airtel 2G recharge plans for Assam for April, 2017. This 2g Airtel recharge plans includes 2G net/Internet/Data/Gprs packs along with night browsing, unlimited net browsing and downloads. This Airtel 2G/Internet/Data/Gprs packs information helps you to select and recharge 2g internet in both online recharge and offline topup or special daily updated the Airtel 2g Tariff plans for Assam.

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Airtel 2g Recharge Plans Of Assam

Airtel 2G Plans & Packs for

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs7 1 day 0.00 2G Plans,
40 MB 2G Data
Rs15 2 0.00 2G Plans,
85 MB 2G Data
Rs18 2 0.00 2G Plans,
100 MB 2G Data
Rs25 4 0.00 2G Plans,
140 MB 2G Data
Rs29 30 0.00 2G Plans,3G Plans,4G Plans,
75 MB 2G/3G/4G Data
Rs48 7 0.00 2G Plans,
250 MB 2G Data
Rs57 7 0.00 2G Plans,
230MB 2G Data
Rs73 10 0.00 2G Plans,
350 MB 2G data
Rs98 14 0.00 2G Plans,
550 MB 2G Data
Rs125 28 0.00 2G Plans,
425 MB 2G Data
Rs154 21 0.00 2G Plans,
900 MB 2G Data
Rs174 28 0.00 2G Plans,
1 GB 2G Data
Rs198 28 0.00 2G Plans,
1.25 GB Data
Rs248 28 0.00 2G Plans,
2GB 2G Data to 10 GB
Rs299 28 0.00 2G Plans,
3 GB 2G Data + unlimited

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