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aircel west bengal recharge plans

Aircel West Bengal Std Recharge Call Rate Cutters,Special Offers

Here is the list of Aircel West Bengal STD Recharge plans and Packs for low STD call rates. This Aircel STD packs reduce your call charges over STD Calls to other states of West Bengal for August,2017.

using Aircel Std recharge plans you can call to other states of India at low call rates to other mobile networks as well as Aircel network at low call rates.

Aircel Std Recharge Plans Of West Bengal

This are not aircel Isd Plans, Get here aircel Isd Plans for west bengal .

Aircel Std Plans & Call Rate Cutters for West Bengal

Price Validity Talktime Tags Benifits
Rs7 3 0.00 Local,Std Plans,
LAircel to Aircel 10p/min , LA2O 30p/Min, STD 30p/Min.1st call of the day will be charged @50p/min for Local & STD
Rs12 2 0.00 Local,Std Plans,
25 Mins Local and STD
Rs13 28 0.00 Local,
All Loc calls@1.2p/2sec
Rs14 28 0.00 Local,
Local Aircel to Aircel calls @10/min
Rs15 1 0.00 Local,Std Plans,
Unlimited Local & STD Aircel to Aircel Mobile Calls | 120 min Local & STD others mobile calls
Rs21 28 0.00 Local,Std Plans,
Local & STD mobile calls @25p/min
Rs34 14 0.00 Local,
85 Local Minutes
Rs37 28 0.00 Local,
Local Mobile calls @1.2p/2s
Rs46 21 0.00 Local,
120 Local Aircel to Aircel Mins
Rs49 2 0.00 Local,Std Plans,2G Plans,3G Plans,
Unlimited Aircel to Aircel (Local + STD) +120 min (Local +STD) other Mobile call | 1 GB 3G/2G Data, Post free min Call @30p/min
Rs51 2 0.00 Local,
Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel Calls
Rs66 21 0.00 Local,
500 Local Aircel to Aircel mins
Rs82 4 0.00 Local,
Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel Calls
Rs96 28 0.00 Local,
900 Local Aircel to Aircel Mins
Rs97 28 0.00 Local,
350 Local A-A Mins , 150 Local A-O Mins
Rs126 28 0.00 Local,Std Plans,
400 local/STD Mins.
Rs149 28 50.00 Local,Std Plans,2G Plans,3G Plans,Topup, On Aircel Recharge of Rs.149 you get 50.00 Talktime.
Unlimited Calling Aircel to Aircel (Local+STD) | 1 GB 3G/2G Data (500 MB Day + 500 MB Night) ,Night Timing (1:00 AM to 5:59 AM.)
Rs249 28 0.00 Local,Std Plans,2G Plans,3G Plans,
Aircel to Aircel (Local + STD) unlimited mobile calls and 1500 minutes free for Aircel to other local + STD mobile calls, post consumption of 1500 minutes other local + STD mobile calls will be 30 paisa/minute | Limited 500 MB 2G/3G data (4G Handset Customers will get additional 1.5 GB 3G/2G data).
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